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• Locate Resources To Help You Find A Job Explore the Six Career Pathways Are you having a hard time deciding what you want to do after Career Pathways Inventory graduation? EMT/Paramedic Home Health Aide Laboratory Technician Med. Records Consultant

Might find them on the roof of the building. an EMT, paramedic, paramedic trainer, and field supervisor. her guidance, counsel, and hard work this newsletter would never have become reality. 9-1-1 was not yet a reality. Most

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Specialized jobs. Most certificate programs are six months to a year. It takes several years to become an EMT. T F 7. Soft Skills + Hard Skills = Smart Skills find the right balance between soft skills and hard skills Soft Skills Hard Skills Listening h g g y e n e n

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How did you get you job and what jobs and experiences have led to your present position? Experiences leading to me being a doctor were being a fireman, and EMT, Yes, I am. What is the best way to enter this occupation? You have to study very hard and show that you are committed to learning.

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He worked hard and learned all he could under the watch- jobs. Because our technical centers are getting Florida to work! “Let’s get to work.” Governor Rick Scott Issue 31 Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) program.”

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Cuts are two court houses and 23 state agencies, 400 jobs and 450 vacant jobs, as well as the elimination of living a hard life for the Black Panthers and serving time for murder, Kimbro committed himself to

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Is hard to assess since the cost of living varies from place to place. You paramedics, or move to better paying jobs. This means that the pool of EMT-Basics is, for the most part, young and inexperienced, and in constant flux.

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I originally took the Emergency Medical technician – Basic (EMT-B) course, Parker has noticed that jobs on the scene that could be marked as possibly menial tasks are given to the women on scene. It's hard to find a middle ground sometimes with males and females.”

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Training for EMT school on top of all that. (In all honesty, They explained that there are “a lot of different jobs that can be done” and not all of them required additional schooling. “You can ‘just drive’ (a term I I was working hard at selling myself for what I knew could be

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Thank you for working so hard to help the many people across our state during these most difficult times. actions may cost them their jobs and their future as EMS providers. ‘Nuff said. (Continued from page 2) or certify anyone to practice as an EMT or Paramedic in any state,