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Jobs Related to Business Accountant and Auditor Administrative Assistant Coast Guard Officer Compliance/Inspection Officer Computer Systems Analyst EMT & Paramedic Escrow Officer FBI Agent Film Editor Firefighter Fish and Game Warden

Student Book Notes—To The Rescue
Avalanche, capsize, coast guard, disaster, flare, paramedic, rappelling, rip Challenges in the Text cartoon style; technical language Cross-Curricular Connections find out how the jobs of these rescue workers are similar and different. When students have finished, reread and discuss the

Occupation Profile: Health And Safety Professionals
¥ Paramedic; ¥ Platform Nurse; ¥ Process Safety Engineer; ¥ Medics Ð Offshore (Alternate Titles: Rig Medics, Platform Nurse and Offshore Health Advisor); ¥ Safety Advisor; and ¥ Safety Training Specialist.

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Army Air Force Marine Corps Coast Guard Merchant Marines Navy “ A Consortium of Veterans, Military, and New hiring preference for Veteran for State jobs only Veterans Paramedic apprenticeship Program

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Sample Jobs in this Cluster: Agricultural Technicians Animal Trainers U.S. Coast Guard o˜ cer & Emergency dispatcher If you like these activities or have these Paramedic Paralegal Park ranger Federal marshall Border patrol agent

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• valid missouri state paramedic license air force, coast guard, rotc, or any other military or semi-military organization? (if there is more than one period, list the separate periods) yes no month/year entered branch/organization .
Here are five major groups within the cluster and examples of jobs found in each group. Group Sample Occupation(s) Correction Services Corrections Officer Emergency and Fire Mgt. Services Fire Fighter, Paramedic, Judge Security and Protective Services Security Guard,

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jobs/ Page 4 Reaching for the stars: Testing at YPG putting us closer to Coast Guard, Environmental Protection Agency, and United College’s Paramedic Course. Col. Reed Young, YPG commander, presented

Unit 3 Assignment
The armed forces and other uniformed public services. i.e. The Coast Guard. Your display should Different operational jobs i.e. ambulance service, patient transport services, technician and. paramedic. Civilian support roles i.e. police control room Jobs in the public sector www

BEACHCOMBER February/March, 2002
Load and transport a paramedic ambulance to the island. Because of the obvious transport time limi- Because of limited Coast Guard resources in covering remote areas and expensive jobs. Others are ditch digging, but have you paid for ditch dig-

While in the Coast Guard, in addition to my other duties, I became an Advanced Stretcher Registered Paramedic. If you were to talk to someone who knows me they would probably tell leave your jobs and families, miss meals and events, and put yourself in harm’s way.

Lexington Division Of Fire Exclusionary Criteria
Required to become a paramedic. Refer to KRS 95.450, Sec 23-6 Codes/Ordinances; KRS 311A . work in subsequent jobs. or Coast Guard on a Dishonorable discharge shall not be allowed to remain in the process.

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Paramedic A licensed Mobile Intensive Care Paramedic, of any rank, certified by the Coast Guard, ANG 210th Rescue Squadron, Alaska Mountain Rescue Group, etc.) may respond in accordance with their jurisdictional responsibilities, by