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Great job! Bud Owens, Director of EMS, Floyd Medical Center, EMT-I EMT Basic/First Responder/Student 86% are involved in the purchasing process. 95% took action as a result of reading ads/articles. 78% Text ads 1X 3X 6X 9X 12X

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EMS Job Center, www.emsjobcenter.com Annual NAEMT Paramedic and EMT of the Year Awards three full page ads to full circulation, one e-blast to more than 40,000 subscribers, logo placement on the nominating landing pages of the EMS World and NAEMT web sites, plus a banner ad

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They placed poster ads at career centers, restaurants, lounges, school students and their Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) courses are offered to both high Attending job fairs at high schools, local colleges and

Classified ads are $7.75 for the first 15 words, FULL-TIME EMT-I Serving Little Snake River Valley in Baggs, WY Wage depends on experience. Job summary: Responsible for growing business in the assigned territory by man-

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Rank/Job Function Type of Organization Paramedic EMT/First Responder Director/Manager/CEO Student Other Firefighter Instructor/Trainer ads sent to over 80,000 EMS1 members • eBlast Announcement to over 1,000 EMS professionals who

South Dakota Emergency Medical Technician’s S Oc Iat N
There are hardly any ads in The Thoughts, Misty will check with The job posting for Bob’s job closed last Friday, the plan is to have the individual hired by November 23, 2009. Emergency Medical Technician’s s oc iat n

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Hiring demand is defined as the number of online job ads divided by the number of employed in an occupation. Technologists and Technicians 194 Diagnostic Medical Sonographers 196 Nuclear Medicine Technologists 198 EMT 200

• Analyze job announcements and ads for critical information to better match your qualiļ¬cations with the employers’ needs • Fill out job application forms and take employment tests •Passed EMT Boards with 98% performance accuracy

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Administrator and Emergency Medical Technician Sue Behrend. For most, it is a side job as a service to their community. Director of Operations Guy Scribner volunteers his time at See all ads Featured Autos


Read store ads and signs/find best value/use coupons Communicate with doctors, hospital staff, EMT (symptoms, etc.) Fill out medical or insurance Obtain a job . Gain better job/promotion . Read job ads/job descriptions . Fill out a job application/apply for a job . Prepare for an

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Where To Learn Of Job Openings: • Classified Ads (newspapers, professional jour-nals, trade magazines, etc.) • Friends, relatives, neighbors EMT/Paramedic Home Health Aide Laboratory Technician Med. Records Consultant Midwife Natural Remedy Specialist Nurse