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Specific job related skills and professional direction Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) # pass on state exam; # employed as EMTs &/or in Possibly expand the program into the greater Anchorage area where there would

2011 Governor’s EMS Award Winners
Anchorage on Saturday, November 12th. pectations of the job.” This year the award went to two EMS responders, Brianne Gol – ogergen, ETT/CHA, and Danielle Reyn-olds, ETT/CHA, of Savoonga, in recogni- state-certified ETT or EMT Instructor who

HI 96813 Anchorage, AK 99518 (808) 536-4984 Aid, CPR, EMT, HazMAT, HazWOPER, apprenticeship training, Address Phone Brief description of job duties City

HAZARDOUS MATERIALS AWARENESS – Department Of Public Safety Home
Anchorage, Alaska 99507 (907)269-5052. www.firestandards.alaska.gov . Revised November 2011 . V08-3 . A LASKA H AZ M AT A WARENESS S KILLS E VALUATION P Training and testing Hazardous Materials Awarenessfor can only approximate onthe-job activities of a –

The Board heard this petition to determine strike classification of three job positions at the City of Both of the fire fighters who cover for her position are EMT III’s (Emergency Medical Technician III’s), one Agency in Anchorage, Alaska, this 28th day of

Would encourage you to consider all aspects of your job, family, and present commitments of Alaska as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) or have completed training Anchorage Fire Department’s dispatch center “tones out”

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The University of Alaska Anchorage inspires learning and enriches Alaska, EMT Emergency Medical Technology EPSCoR Experimental Program To Stimulate Job Ar ea Degr ees Aw ar ded Gr ant-F unded R esearch Expenditur es Univer sity-Generat ed Rev

Alaska Community Health Aide Program
A suggested CHA-T job description is included in the Instructor Notebook, p. 14-3. (EMT I) training is strongly recommended before attending Session I. The CHAP Emergency Skills Checklist should be initiated during ETT/EMT training.

Job Profile: Environmental Health Specialists
Firefighters, police and EMT workers. Part of Miller’s job is to The bulk of Nguyen’s job involves traveling to ports and conducting beaches, the weather and laid-back atmosphere—and Anchorage, for the scenery.

Draft Minutes Of 6-13-08 Meeting
Investigators – Anchorage Jennifer Strickler, Chief . BOARD OF VETERINARY EXAMINERS MINUTES OF MEETING JUNE 13, 2008 PAGE 2 The Board determined that if an EMT rendered care, and the owner was not two years of on-the-job training; or,