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EMT, ambulance • Jobs involving pushing/pulling carts • Jobs involving carrying objects Rapid Upper Limb Assessment (RULA) Cincinnati, OH 45240 Phone: (513) 742-2020 Web site: http://www.acgih.org/ • Vibration • Hands • Arms • Shoulders • Grinding

JOBS NETWORKING As a Parish, a doctor, nurse, EMT or in some other medical type of posi-tion and would like to reach out in this way to other parish- SAVIOUR CHURCH CINCINNATI, OH It’s time for Christmas in July! Be sure to pick up your tags

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EMT-Basic At the EMT-Basic level, coursework emphasizes OH 44406 330-729-4100 www.mahoningctc.com TRADE AND INDUSTRIAL graduates for a variety of allied health jobs. Learn medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, a

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Www.union-township.oh.us 1 . Union Township 2010 Annual Report Table of Contents The Board also promised to dedicate resources to create jobs and to encourage new and 718 Cincinnati-Batavia Pike. Station 50 – 1141 Cincinnati-Batavia Pike.

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Cincinnati, OH 45267-0769 (513) 558-5281 Faculty W. Brian Gibler, MD Our pre-hospital care providers, the EMTs and EMT-Paramedics, now receive the respect service workers view their jobs has forever changed. We can only

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ON OH PERMIT NO.8 2 It’s October, time for Halloween fun! All three have fully-trained EMT’s the stations when the volunteers are working at their career jobs. Each of the fire companies is a separate, licensed, private,

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Losses incurred on the bad jobs. Risk canbemitigatedbygoodprofitability. Cincinnati, OH 45203 Tel: 513-651-7300 800-222-8243 West Coast Central Tri-State North East the EMT category at Level 2 and the view is reduced to only those

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Cincinnati's city manager is proposing 200 layoffs. 112 in police dept and 47 in Laid-off 66 police patrolmen, 37 firefighters and 6 EMT’s in January. The firefighters union accepted concessions to return 15 firefighters to companies to come here to provide jobs for our people.

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Cincinnati, Ohio 45237 E-mail: proseniors@proseniors.org Web Site: www.proseniors.org Switchboard: 513.345.4160 Clients Toll-free: 800.488.6070 Fax: 513.621.5613 TDD: 513.345.4160 . Title: Microsoft Word – APS – Web.doc Author: Bedall Created

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By the Cincinnati Retirement System • Membership for elected officials may be optional Exclusions • The following individuals are not eligible – If strictly EMT with no other job responsibilities, must contribute to OPERS Elected Officials

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Firefighters are EMT-Basics at the minimum. The department runs approximately 9000 calls per place to properly train, educate, and prepare newly promoted officers for their new jobs. OH Fire Department has an extensive officer development program in place.