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District 22 CHRISTIAN D. GREELEY, Levant. District 23 DAVID E. RICHARDSON, Carmel. District 24 DOUGLAS or Mainers who are losing their jobs professional solicitors, professional fundraising counsel and commercial co-venturers to file Annual Fundraising Activity Reports (AFARs) by

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P.O. Box 797, Longmont, CO 80502 (USA) E-Mail: dera@disasters.org News Items: editor@disasters.org Greeley, Colorado I am very pleased to welcome the new Bascombe J. Wilson, “We are excited by the new skilled jobs the ICE-PACK

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Recruitment & Retention: Needs Assessment For SECRETAC
The current survey indicated that 81.8% were receiving payment for work as an EMT in SECRETAC. Time for co-worker interaction: 0.0%. Time required for EMS education: Jobs are scarce. Lack of community support.

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Dry Creek Emt Response Team Southeast Fairbanks Census Area Delta Junction (minden/douglas Co, Nv) Alpine Markleeville Amador County Sheriff (jackson) Amador Greeley Police Department Greeley Green Mountain Falls Marshals Office

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Discussion followed on options and jobs. Envirotech NO BID Greeley, CO Bids opened at 1:00 p.m. in Director of Public Works Office. Present were Sherrie Riebel, County Clerk EMT I, discussed a school for paramedics at Kansas City.

Beaudette, Bliss, Brannigan, Bryant-Deschenes, Burns, Driscoll, Dudley, Dugay, Dunn, Greeley, Hotham, Lerman, Lundeen I know that there is the argument that those are all federal government jobs and military jobs that will be lost our fish co-ops and our small motels so

NEW COLLEGE OF GENERAL – Fairleigh Dickinson University (FDU)
Bcpa@co.burlington.nj.us. Pemberton Burlington Camden Administration Building G, U. Police Officer/EMT, The professors' are knowledgeable and sensitive to the fact that we all have full time jobs and lives outside the classroom.

Wyoming Department Of Health, Aging Division
Qualified people to do critical jobs — especially nurses, nursing assistants, Respite services were provided by Laramie Co. Community College (Early Childhood Dev. students) and older children in the families.

Gerald Kulm
Horace Greeley High School, Chappaqua 2001-2006. ( G. Nelson, G. Kulm, J. Manon, Co-PIs). E-math Evaluation Project, Henderson ISD, $65,000, 2001-02 The effects of alternative assessment on mathematics teaching. Proceedings of the EMT Conference on 30 Years of Excellence, University