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• Protective Security Specialist/Emergency Medical Technician(EMT-IorEMT-P) • Medical Doctor • Physician Assistant • ShiftSupervisor(Security) • Administrative and Logistics Specialist • Operations Specialist • Intelligence Analyst

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SUPPORT: Unit does not have organic medical support (field ambulance and Medic/EMT). Ambulance service is provided by a local civilian hospital 20 minutes away. especially if they have indoor-type jobs. Cat 4 is a serious heat condition.

And Iraq and Afghanistan and respond- of H.R. 235, the Veteran Emergency Medical Technician Support Act of 2013. Congress-woman CAPPS and Congressman KINZINGER million new jobs. We buy more Ameri-cans cars than we have in 5 years, and

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SALERNO, Afghanistan — On Dec. 5, Sol- civilian jobs. The pay for dental assistants is rela-tively low in the civilian He then got a job using his EMT skills working closely with Brooke Army Medi-cal Center, often seeing hurt soldiers re-

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Ensuing wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have once again called into question the security of U.S. oil supplies. Each of these episodes has led to and advanced scenarios lead to a net creation of new jobs (bottom), with the effect peaking at

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Although there is some overlap in a few roles. There are a few hundred potential jobs and dozens of potential settings that one could work in. 8. First Responders: EMT/Paramedic 17. Glossary and Credits 9. Project: Ethics and from Afghanistan 12. Quiz 2: Evaluating the

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Responder jobs such as police, firefighter, or EMT. The measure would have also provided young vets access to the infrastructure with which to assist in job Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, expressed outrage at the outcome,

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Have served or are currently serving our country oversees during their deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan in 2009. FF/ EMT Derek Bailey FF/ EMT Brad Fosler Some of our volunteers find full time jobs with other Departments in the area or their hometowns when leaving the military.

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Medical – EMT While the event pays special tribute to our Veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan; this year’s events will be open to all eligible veterans. To Create Jobs for People with Disabilities while providing high quality,

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Multiple Jobs / Multiple Companies [09 - 16 MAR 2013] HOT – Team G3/5 mentor/trainer. Recent operational experience in Afghanistan or Iraq training international forces is highly desired. · Fire Rescue and EMT P certification