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Worked in commercial diving related to off shore oil rigs. Tom Mitchell noted that LePechon advised that oxygen should not be required for all jobs but air should also be allowed. Marvin Underwood said they have EMT with diving experience in the chamber when employees work at head.

Of oil rigs in the same way. For Tjuvhol-men, about 45,000 cu m (58,857 cu yds) new Skanska UK Executive Management Team (EMT) is in operation. First task is to will be harder to get new jobs, increase productivity and quality,

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The most recent data from the US Department of Labor estimates that Katrina took 230,000 jobs from Winds and high waves toppled or dislodged the moorings for offshore rigs, Damage sustained by refineries located in the New Orleans region along with off-shore oil production losses as a

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rigs running. There are about 120 approved drilling permits in Laramie • There could be a need for an EMT station at a rural location. Be prepared • Employers need to make sure their employees understand that higher paying oil boom jobs have a history of often being short

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Jobs can be Conducted Incident Free 9 . Flex-Rigs, PDC Bit, and Oil Based Mud Systems all Cost More on a Per Unit Basis – But all Result in a of the 3 fire fighters was an EMT they were dressed in fire fighting clothes during

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Oil – Natural Gas –Timber – Gold Mining Lots of new Jobs Monthly Drilling Rigs. 140 130 120 110 100 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20. EMS Runs. R Sq Linear = 0.695 Scatter Plot of Monthly Sublette County EMS runs and Drilling Rigs in Sublette County,

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EMT Coordinator – We have a couple of candi- Logistics – The guys are burning the midnight oil on backgrounds and are working hard to get the candi- has all the BLS rigs ready to go. That’s the short story on BLS. If you have any ques-

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Fracturing jobs since : 1950 . 48,000 . injection & disposal wells . AQUIFElRS . P~Il"'(I~ny rigs, and well numbers) Reduction on annual cost with new rule proposal is $83 MM, or $17,000 per well . Wyoming Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (WOGCC Chapter 1, Section 2 (s))

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Employees to non-operational jobs Yeaman joined the Service in 1989 having previously worked as a Diving Supervisor on oil rigs. Emergency Medical Technician Mark Beardow (19 years) Ambulance Paramedic Jason Garnham (15 years)

Paramedics, 2 EMT-Intermediates, 5 EMT-Basics, 6 responders and 4 2012 there are 39 oil rigs actively drilling in Dunn County. is no shortage of jobs, but rather a shortage of people, and yet not enough housing.

West Coast Logistics provides logistical support to the Oil & Gas industry. We support our clients in all jobs and coil tubing Provide First Responder or EMT assistance, per location