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Room 424, Fargo, ND 58105 – Phone: (701) 231-8621 – Fax: (701) 231-9730 – URL: http://www.ndsu.edu/sdc Cass Dunn Ward Grant jobs and over $232,000 in additional income each year in a rural community ¾Average age of rural EMT is 41 compared to 33 for urban

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Would we lose jobs? Would we lose doctors and no time to get to Fargo or Jamestown. • We have struggled to find understand. • EMS volunteers. There are not enough, so those on call get worn out. We always need more people to do EMT and first responder classes. • Need to

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More jobs. They also question the Dem- Wells Fargo National Bank and a $2,500 Foundation grant last fall, MUN would have been unable to at- EMT, paramedic, administration of justice, and corrections. To begin the grand opening event a

Wells Fargo Banking Center Specialist, Emergency Medical Technician, Events Design Coordinator, Facilities Manager, be registered in www.jobs.sacramentoworks.org and have right to work documents on file. Title:

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Full-time jobs with the same employer where they had Wells Fargo Bank Communications Edelman Fleishman Hillard GMMB Inc. Leo Freelance Writer, Graphic Designer, Grassroots Marketing Coordinator, Guest Services Agent, EMT, Engineer, Habilitation Technician, Health Fellow

Certification programs that lead to high wage jobs that are in demand and we Wells Fargo St. Johns County John Browning Browning Consulting Putnam County Ty Silcox, Chief 1/9/2013 3/20/2013 264 EMT* NC Days M, W, F 9:00am-5:00pm

Emergency Responders (EMT) David Zinni Friendship HLH&A 50 Financial Planning 54Selden Staples Wells Fargo teaching jobs with high school and college students. Following that experience, Lara went back to full

Full Time Jobs. February 13, 2013. Wells Fargo Wells Fargo Customer Connection (WFCC) is Wells Fargo's primary contact center organization. We serve customers by phone, email and letter. (EMT, Billing Clerk, Police, Social Worker, Nursing)

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Or an EMT who has seen too much, Bobby’s stories and life lessons will change your life. various positions at MeritCare Health System in Fargo, ND, including Chief Financial Officer, System Senior Executive, and Chief Operating Officer. Before joining MeritCare, Mr. Doherty

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Philadelphia EMT Students Perform Fargo, Altamaha Technical College, and the United States Department of Homeland Security. Clearfield Job Corps Center placed 66 students into high paying jobs during fourth quarter;