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Alumni ENewsletter – September 2008 Vol. III, No. 2
Will continue her education in business at Arizona South, Headquarters in Okinawa, Japan, was just promoted to lance corporal for sustained superior job performance and proficiency in her designated specialty. After a period as a flight paramedic,

In 1990, she began working for the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Agency as a Nursing Instructor at the Paramedic Training a certification in Paramedicine and worked as a paramedic in Stanislaus County for several years including work as a flight paramedic for he took a job working

Resume Revised
As part of my job responsibilities, My most recent experience has been using the Alera NIOS II processor environment tools to design “time of flight” active night vision controllers. Arizona. July, 1981 – May, 1985.

State Medevac Committee Meeting Richmond Marriott West …
They have a new Program Director, John Collier from Arizona. Reaccreditation June 4-6. Don Childs, Med-Flight III, Lou Sales is no longer with us. Jay Cullen, new chief paramedic to begin on May 26. Paul Davenport,

He said her asthma disappeared living here and she was now a paramedic. He said he was ready to retire and his goal was now to become a flight instructor. He said he couldn’t find a job in his field but finally got a job at the Arizona Department of Water Resources in 1980,

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March 2010, Volume 1 Issue 1 – Cobre Valley Regional Medical …
Also a member of the Arizona Senate for one term and was active at Paramedic School in Illinois, was valedictorian, and worked in EMS since 1995, opportunity to job shadow with the health professionals of Cobre

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An employee, including a firefighter, paramedic, emergency medical technician, rescue worker, ambulance personnel, or hazardous materials worker, who— (1) is trained in fire depending on their job duties and responsibilities, and how closely they are supervised.24

Resume Revised
As part of my job responsibilities, returning to school to obtain my paramedic license. (Completed 6/08) Have worked as a direct employed consultant from 1981 to present as. Engineered Systems Inc. Tempe, Arizona. July, 1981 – May, 1985.

The person who is most determined to do the job – the –Pass a Class III Flight Physical –Pass a Physical Ability and Stamina Test (PAST). Pararescue EMT-Paramedic Training: This is an intense 20-week course at Kirtland Air Force

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1993-present Certified Flight Registered Nurse (CFRN) (9350085) 2007-present Florida Paramedic (EMT-P), PMD 514338 expires 12/01/2012 Arizona Trauma Symposium, Tucson, AZ . October 2004 “Perinatal Trauma Update”

paramedic partner Nikki. It was a crisp night with clear skies and tail winds. Trauma was my job. Landing safely at 1097, Sun City, Arizona 85372 or online www.wingsoflight.org. When Grief Derails a Marriage 2 (continuedonpage4)

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