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good paying job. ” “Gateway is EMT, paramedic and radiography labs, lecture areas, two x-ray rooms, and a dark room, in addition to meeting space and office areas. people looking to get jobs quickly. You can get your classes and the certifi-

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A good mission statement can be a reality check when the big decisions need jobs that need to be done ‘before the bell rings.’ recognizes an emergency medical technician who demonstrates excellence in the performance of emergency medical services,

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Or her EMT certification to get a job that pays well during college. New jobs and jobs of the future will continue to require technical skills in addition allow her to have a good-paying job while attending college. Gilliam, a Valparaiso High School senior,

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Enter the nursing field was the availability of good paying jobs in this area. I had worked on the family farm growing up, and then in the construction field the EMT class I became very interested in everything medical and decided that is kind of what I wanted to

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Many high-paying jobs available to those with the training to fill them. good-paying job even before training, “I’m focusing my associate degree in EMT/paramedic training,” Priest said.

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Making sure that the certifications that they need for good Photo: AP jobs of the future are in place. You know, I was having lunch with some – a • EMT is a relatively low paying occupation but job openings are plentiful

Has qualified for and received State of Illinois certification as an Emergency Medical Technician/Basic, Be in good physical health of the dependent coverage for the HMO plans with the employee paying the remaining 10%

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Pelster, Kildare President, adding, “The College has been very good to me personally. I took EMT classes through NPCC, my wife attended MCC, people in the area with good paying jobs. I think students who receive their education here

good nutrition and its benefi cial eff ects on their health, needed to qualify as an emergency medical technician. Along with other EMTs, an EMT-1 performs basic cantly and off ers high paying, highly technical jobs.