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With a trauma trained EMT-Paramedic. They should have the • Local EMS Helicopter Service:Helicopters are good job description is not absolute and does not supersede local EMS protocols, state or any law governing EMS.

JOB DESCRIPTION JOB TITLE: The paramedic is expected to protect the privacy of all patient information in accordance with River Falls the mode of transportation (vehicle/helicopter) and accompany the injured party to a health care facility.

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Flight Paramedic Job Description: SUMMARY: Provides high quality pre-hospital advanced life support including assessment, triage, and treatment utilizing standards and guidelines established by specialty patients by helicopter.

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Classification Description University of Michigan Issued: Classification Code # 112800 helicopter, or airplane) Perform all physical requirements of job in confined spaces and under adverse environmental

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Job Description PARAMEDIC Department: Emergency Medical Services Pay Band: 050 Reports To: Supervisor FLSA Status: Non-Exempt Class Code: 728 Classified EEO Category: C (vehicle/helicopter) and ride with the injured party to the hospital.

POSITION DESCRIPTION _____ FLIGHT PARAMEDIC JOB CODE: 09380 GRADE: 35A FLSA: NON-EXEMPT EEO CODE: 3 SEIU, LOCAL 722 REPRESENTED resource procuring and organizing helicopter response to disaster situation.*

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job description and responsibilities of the Medical Director. paramedic knowledge, skills and performance. helicopter transports, etc. D. The medical director is responsible for insuring that EMS dispatching for his/her system is current, accessible, and efficient.

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Patient in rapid response vehicles of the Lifeflight helicopter, CCP Job Description Final 2.docCCP Job Description Final 2CCP Job Description Final 2.docCCP Job Description Final 4 of 4 Working Environment The Critical Care Paramedic will normally work in a rapid response unit or the

1-18 Paramedic Job Description 2 Personnel 2-1 Change in Personnel Status 2-2 Disciplinary/Grievance Procedure 5-7 Helicopter Transport Policy 5-8 Hospital Patient Diversion 5-9 Hostile Environment Operations 5-10 Lifting/Moving Patients

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JOB DESCRIPTION Firefighter/Paramedic GENERAL PURPOSE clearing landing zones for helicopter landing; setting up lighting and related activities. Responds to the orders and directives of incident commanders/superiors and carries out assignments per

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728 PARAMEDIC. GENERAL STATEMENT OF DUTIES: (vehicle/helicopter) and ride with the injured party to the hospital. Paramedic Job Description [job desc] Author * Last modified by: Tenna Genther Created Date: 4/5/2007 10:04:00 PM

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Flight Nurse Job Description: SUMMARY: Provides high quality nursing care including assessment, triage, specialty patients by helicopter. Florida Paramedic certification/licensure as required by state regs

Emergency Medical Technician-Paramedic. General Functions: (vehicle/helicopter) In order to perform a physical assessment of the injured party, the candidate must see, hear and communicate with the injured party . Author: crebo