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Paramedic Practitioners demonstrate this competence by asking questions around relevant Please select the most appropriate description which defines your Job Title: David Bruce and Kevin Eva on behalf of NHS Education Scotland (2005-

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NHS Acute NHS Mental Health Business Statutory Other Intermediate Care Paramedic Community Bed MIU please provide description where relevant, e.g. Helpline; Direct line for GPs; Minicom etc. Service Address (incl. postcode)

This unit is managed by the Bay Community NHS Trust, paramedic training and involvement with the Cumbria Ambulance Paramedic Steering Committee. This job description is not intended to be a complete list of duties and responsibilities,

Paramedics CPD Sample Profile – Station Manager – HCPC
paramedic (1996) team leader (2000) and then promotion to station manager in 2006. As one of a team of station managers in a large NHS ambulance trust we provide 24 hour management cover for our locality. The key people I However it is still a requirement of my job to attend patients

JOB DESCRIPTION POST TITLE: Senior Lecturer, Diagnostic Radiography & Imaging GRADE: Academic staff have frequent contact with staff from the NHS and the private sector. Paramedic section from the Department of Nursing and Paramedic Sciences.

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Of like duration to your NHS job, Paramedic 4. Ambulance Technician 5. Ambulance Control Staff 6. Ambulance Managers 7. Patient Transport Services 8. This job description must state the nature of the duties,

Non-Executive Director Effective Committed
Former Westcountry Ambulance Services NHS Trust; State registered Paramedic; NHS Service Foundation Trust Job Description: Non-Executive Director JOB TITLE: Non-Executive Director ACCOUNTABLE TO: Trust Board and elected Council of Governors

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NHS National Health Service SP Specialist Paramedic . 1 All our clinicians, from Emergency Care Support Worker (ECSW) to specialist paramedic (SP), regardless of job role, A description of the action the provider intends to take to

Paramedic CPD Sample Profile – Emergency Care Practitioner – HCPC
NHS ambulance service in 2000 on a part-time basis. paramedic training had not focussed sufficiently on social care, although we Brief description of evidence Number of pages, or description of evidence format CPD Standards

Improvement Leaders’ Guide Redesigning Roles
As at risk, and urgent referrals from other sources such as Social Services or NHS Direct. The community paramedic treats patients when appropriate or refers them onto other areas. Step 3: go back to the job description and add any additional points. 40