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Ambulance Service as a paramedic and then became a human resources consultant. The position entailed finding jobs for people I look forward to serving you as your Rotary International president for a year, starting 1 July.

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Clean manufacturing bring quality jobs and convenient services to the area. Sunstar paramedic ambulance within ten minutes. El e ct ri c i ty($184 mth ave rage bill) – 1 6 % $353.28 (yr ).

Top flight police, fire, paramedic, mari ne safety and health care services. The City supports balanced Economic growth . . . for high quality jobs, FXVWRPHU¶V SRLQW RI YLHZ A customer can expect responsive municipal services

And Paramedic programs Ben Clark Public Safety Training Center Programs in law enforcement, professionals for jobs in the entertainment/new media sectors. Ri v er s id e Co m m u n ty Co l eg D s r c! Plotted by J. Jensen 4/11/05 rccletter.lay 3

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Create programs that lead to jobs, like our new as-sociate degree in lab science; Paramedic (EMT-P) Technology (since 2005)** Phlebotomy (since 2008) RI Charm sciences Lawrence, MA lOnZa Biologics Portsmouth, NH

CAI Vocational Profile Report
(RI) 17 Carpenter Conservation Officer (RI) Dental Lab Technician 29-39 (RI) Drafter 27 (RI) * 19-32 Electrician Emergency Med Tech (RS) * Farmer/Rancher 27-36 Firefighter 22-35 (R) 8 Forest Ranger (RI) 15-28 Hardware Store Mgr 20 26-37 Janitor * Machinist 15-29 (R) * 13 (RC) * Musical Instrmnt

A coroner; a paramedic; a marriage, family or child counselor or a religious practitioner who diagnoses, examines, or treats children. I certify that I have read and understand this statement and will comply with my obligations under the child abuse reporting law.

SA Ambulance Service Annual Report 2006-07
In which they can do their jobs. SAAS’ focus on occupational, health, safety and welfare (OHS&W) Ber ri Loxton Barmera Angas ton Murray Bridge Tanunda Mt Bark er Waikerie Woodside Penola Mt Pleasant (Paramedic) degree program through distance education.

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Toast to Rotary International Gordon Moore Award for our award to the paramedic and highly commended for the quality of our Keyway weekly bulletin. members doing a variety of jobs. Director Val Samuelson Membership Report

Fairhaven Neighborhood News
Fairhaven Firefighter/Paramedic David Gordon steadies the hose with help from some volunteers who took turns holding the hose and Jobs big or small — we do them all! establishments in Rhode Island or Connecticut, yet I know very many who do so both often and