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Field that a traditional paramedic has access to in his or her vehicle. tions are really only part of the job. The primary goal of tactical medicine SWAT conditioning should include a balance of aerobic exercise, anaerobic

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Usually have a Paramedic on the team. The Patrol officer is typically alone, has or dies. Proper combat care administered by the SWAT Operator or Patrol “A grim part of our job, but so

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Experience in SWAT operations. I am an instructor in EMS, law enforcement and have worked in field, supervision, landed my dream job as a flight paramedic. I have been a part of many different aspects of EMS from instructing/training to public relations.

Accompanies SWAT teams into hostile, life-threatening situations. Checks apparatus and maintains medic units. JOB ANALYSIS Subject: Paramedic Author: Kim Favorite Last modified by: Kim C. Favorite Created Date: 3/12/2009 5:43:00 PM Company: NWFFFF

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Likely your job escalates and broadens. When EMS rushes by and tells you the A true tactical paramedic is trained in SWAT operations and is inte-grated into your team. The med-ics are not just along for the ride or just to see the action unfold;

Their capacity along with increasing awareness of their responsibilities, authority and job description. GOALS OF THE PARAMEDIC TRAINING PROGRAM: Swat, Shangla, Malakand, Bunir, Upper Dir, Lower Dir, Chitral and Bajour Agency. PIMT Abbottabad.

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Paramedic Programs COMING TO YOU! Contact: David Parker, Department Chair Phone Tactical “SWAT” Medic Hospital Emergency Technician Government/ Industrial job in which he is expected to perform. Specific contents of the

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Tactical Paramedic Certification (TP -C) Exam Q: departments such as San Diego SWAT. Q: What organizations are supporting the development of a tactical paramedic exam? The Job Analysis Study and exam blueprint will be available to the general public when completed.

As part of the SWAT Me dic Program. Lieutenant/Paramedic Frank Montilli FFD Glenn Joseph, painlessly (look at that smile), draws blood for cholesterol testing. Our present job qualifications are available at the Human Resource Office in

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Applications to the EMT or Paramedic programs go to Tactical “SWAT” Medic Hospital Emergency Technician Government/ Industrial Medical Technician Completion of the courses will job in which he is expected to perform.

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SWAT Paramedics • Oregon State Hazardous Materials Response Team. • USAR • Job application, Paramedic certification documentation, FireTeam written examination, & CPAT test. • Interviews and Paramedic Skills Evaluation

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2- 3 Job Description – Emergency Medical Technician – Basic Responsibilities: Emergency Medical Technicians-Basic (EMT-B) respond to emergency calls to provide efficient and